Five women, five fantastic musicians from different countries and different music traditions present Persian, Bulgarian and  Swedish folk music with boundless joy and delight!

Traditional and newly composed songs with influences from wildly contrasting music traditions and musical heritages are woven together to take you on an unforgettable musical journey to Persian deserts, Bulgarian mountains and Swedish forests. A magical a cappella duet with quarter tones in Persian and Bulgarian, a wonderful mixture of swinging folk music and brilliant instrumental excursions. This is a musical journey that brings together the best of East and West, reaching heart and soul and leaving no one unmoved!

Parizad was one of three finalists to be nominated for the "Best Female World Music Band" competition arranged by the Swedish National Association of Folk music (RFoD).

Parizad's new Music video

Mattväverskan (The Carpet Weaver) - children's play directed by Elisabet Ljungar